3 Teams that are worse than the Pistons despite their records

Charlotte Hornets v Detroit Pistons
Charlotte Hornets v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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Charlotte Hornets

There is certainly an argument with this one.

The Hornets have currently won five more games than the Pistons and 10 of those victories came before the trade deadline. They are 6-9 since, not terrible considering they have had injuries and traded away two useful veterans.

They also have LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller, a nice duo to build around, not to mention good young big men in Mark Williams and Nick Richards who are locked up on friendly deals.

They have some nice project players like Tre Mann and younger veterans in Miles Bridges and Grant Williams who can fill useful roles, so the cupboard is not bare for Charlotte.

But the Pistons have beaten them three times this season, sweeping the series, which is saying a lot considering that represents nearly 30 percent of Detroit's total wins.

In my absolutely biased opinion, I'd rather have the Pistons' core than the Hornets', especially considering the Pistons will have more money to spend this summer and don't have as much invested in their current roster. The Pistons only have around half as much invested for next season, so have more wiggle room to improve on what they already have.

Detroit also has more trade chips to make a big move this summer, so I like the Pistons over the Hornets, but it's definitely debatable.