3 Teams that are worse than the Pistons despite their records

Charlotte Hornets v Detroit Pistons
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Portland Trail Blazers

Like the Wizards, the Trail Blazers have plenty invested in a team that has won just 18 games this season.

When you look at Portland's roster, they should probably not be as bad as they are, as they aren't a super young team full of guys on rookie deals. They have Deandre Ayton, Anfernee Simons, Jerami Grant and Malcolm Brogdon, a group they owe over $110 million to next season.

They are light on exciting young talent, though Shaedon Sharpe looks like a keeper and future star and Scoot Henderson has also flashed that talent. Both of these guys are 20 and are going to be good, so Portland isn't as desperate as Washington.

But they do have a lot invested in a bad team and most of it is under contract for next season. They could make a big move this summer, get a new coach (sorry Chauncey) and make a huge leap next year, but for right now, it's hard to call them a rebuild when most of their top players are over 25 and already on big contracts.

It will be interesting to see if Portland blows up this roster in the summer, as guys like Jerami Grant and Malcolm Brogdon could kickstart a youth movement and net them some assets in trades.

It is small consolation for the Detroit Pistons that they aren't the league's worst team if you even believe that to be true, as it's like being the fastest of the world's four slowest runners.

In other words, thank god for the Wizards because at least we can say we're not them.