Third and final tier free-agent options for the Detroit Pistons

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Goga Bitadze, 6’11 C, 24

If Jonathon Isaac isn’t made available by the Magic, which may very well be the case, Detroit could target Goga Bitadze as consolation, as he will be an unrestricted free agent after the season.

Goga, now in his fifth season but still just 24, is a defensive minded center, similar to Issac. The 6-foot-11 big man has a defensive rating of 107. This is obviously slightly worse than Isaac, but still above the league average by a wide margin. Where he differs from Isaac is that Jonathan has the ability to step out and connect from deep. Goga doesn’t have any three point ability, but is incredibly efficient from the field. This season, he is averaging over 63 percent on his two point attempts, and has the highest offensive rating for the Magic with 131.4. 

All around, Goga Bitadze’s fit with Detroit might be slightly worse, as he isn’t able to play away from the basket, making his offensive skill set too similar to Jalen Duren. But, like Nic Claxton in last week’s tier two article, his defense would give this team a whole new identity.