Top 5 second-round draft sleepers for the Detroit Pistons

Purdue v Connecticut
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The top of next week’s draft is so uncertain that we’ve covered a dozen different routes that the Detroit Pistons could take. They could go with the sure thing defensive big man, the high upside forward, or even trade back. Only time will tell where they go with pick 5. But what about pick 53?

Top five sleepers for the Detroit Pistons in the second round.

Antonio Reeves, 6’6 SG, Kentucky

We must not fall in the trap of overlooking Kentucky guards once they get to the league. Someway, somehow, Coach Cal has his wings turn a corner once they get to the NBA and become stars. It happens every year, and Antonio Reeves is our chance to take advantage. 

Reeves is a pure scorer. With Kentucky last season, Reeves averaged 20.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, and shot a scorching 45 percent from three. Furthermore, during his college career, he averaged 20 points per game with two different programs, and is a career 39 percent from deep, so it’s not a fluke. His footwork is great, can score at all three levels, and is fairly good at the rim. 

The reason for Reeves falling this much is his age. He will be 24 by the time next season starts, so he is more of a finished product than other prospects. Still, Detroit could use his bucket scoring ability.