Top 5 second-round draft sleepers for the Detroit Pistons

Purdue v Connecticut
Purdue v Connecticut / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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Cam Spencer, 6’3 SG, UConn

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a theme going on here when it comes to Detroit’s options at 53. Good sized, mature, shooters are what the Pistons should be looking at here, and Cam Spencer continues that trend. Though smaller than Larsson and Reeves, Cam is arguably an even better three point shooter than them. With UConn, he connected on 44 percent of his three point attempts, and has a five year collegiate career three point percentage of over 40 percent.

Like Larsson, Spencer shows hustle and IQ every single play, both with and without the ball. He averaged almost 15 points per game for the back-to-back National Champs, and also had 5 rebounds a night. 

Obviously, age is a concern for Spencer, as it is with Reeves and Larsson. He’s already 24, making him one of the oldest in this year’s draft. Like I mentioned, size is an issue with Cam, specifically length. His wingspan is listed at 6-foot-5, which isn’t great. Pair these concerns with some health concerns, and his fall makes sense. Still, Spencer would step on the court for Detroit and immediately be the best three point shooter available.