Trade up, trade back, trade out: 3 Possible draft moves for the Pistons

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons
Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Detroit Pistons trade back in the NBA Draft 

Teams to watch: Chicago Bulls, Portland Trail Blazers, Miami Heat 

Given how even the talent is in this draft, the Pistons may decide to use their 5th pick to move back and try to pick up a useful player in the process. 

The Chicago Bulls are a team to watch depending on which direction they go this summer. If they decide to trade off some of their veterans, a deal that sends the 11th pick and Alex Caruso for the 5th and a couple of seconds might work. Caruso is on an expiring deal, and if the Bulls aren’t going to run it back, this would be a nice return for them that would net the Pistons a guard to put next to Cade Cunningham who can defend and shoot while still giving the Pistons a pick in the lottery. 

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If Portland wanted to lean all the way into a youth movement, they could send one of their later picks to Detroit with a contract they want to get rid of. Would Jerami Grant and the 14th pick for the 5th work? The Blazers cut payroll, get another young player and the Pistons get a veteran who can help them now and the final pick in the lottery, where they can likely still get a talent ranked as highly as one they’ll get with the 5th pick. I wouldn’t mind this scenario if a high-upside guy like Tidjane Salaun was still there at 14. 

The Miami Heat are more likely to want win-now stars, but if they want to land another impact player, they will have to send out a contract to do it or go well over the second apron. Could the Pistons use the 5th pick to target Tyler Herro? Probably not, but the 5th and Isaiah Stewart for Herro and the 15th pick might work.