3 Biggest takeaways from the Trajan Langdon press conference

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2. Culture Matters to Langdon

One of the most important messages to take away from the conference is that Langdon is looking to build a strong culture around winning. Langdon mentioned how he hasn't seen as many banners in a building since his time with San Antonio, which set the tone for his time in Detroit because he recognizes he's entering a franchise that has high expectations and a history of championships and great players.

Along with the history of the franchise, he wants everyone within the organization to care about the goal moving forward. Langdon wants everyone to feel the same joy during wins, and feel the same pain during losing. The people who join the Pistons need to care about elevating in the organization and be accountable, and all must have the same unified goal. Though the idea and thought are important, the way this is put into practice will be paramount to the future of the team.