Trajan Langdon sends message that many Pistons fans don't want to hear

2024 NBA Draft - Round One
2024 NBA Draft - Round One / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

After a 14-win season, many fans of the Detroit Pistons dreamed of sweeping and immediate change. 

They got part of their wish when Troy Weaver and Monty Williams were fired, and then turned their frustrations to the draft, where they hoped the Pistons would take a clear fit or trade for a player that could help them win right away. 

That didn’t happen. 

Instead, Trajan Langdon swung for the fences with his first choice as Pistons president of basketball ops by taking Ron Holland II, a player who hadn’t been mentioned much as a possibility. 

Langdon somewhat forecasted this pick in his opening press conference when he spoke of player development, not taking shortcuts and building for the long term. 

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He bolstered that message with the Ron Holland pick, but it’s one many fans don’t want to hear. 

Trajan Langdon’s message to Pistons fans is that more patience will be required 


Sick of that word yet? If you are, I understand, as the Pistons have been bad for so long I forgot what it is like to cheer for a competitive team. Highlights of the old days seem like a fever dream. Pistons fans have been the biblical Job, watching everything they love destroyed and patiently asking for more in the name of hope. 

We have suffered enough. 

But you have to remember that Trajan Langdon is not a fan, he’s the president of the team and has nothing to do with our past misfortune. He has to build his team with his vision, not placate fans who are sick to death of watching their fields go up in flames. 

Ron Holland is not a pick who is likely to help the Pistons right away. He’s an 18-year-old who needs to improve his shot. He’s not a clear fit with Cade Cunningham and even Langdon admitted he may not be able to play right away with Ausar Thompson.

This pick isn’t about winning 25 games next season and calling it a success, it’s about trying to land a star, which is what you are supposed to do with a top five pick. 

This pick is a clear indication that Langdon is going to forge his own path and isn’t beholden to the guys he inherited. As of right now, this roster looks a mess when it comes to fit, but the offseason is far from over and it may look quite a bit different by the time next season starts. 

Langdon is playing the long game, hoping to build sustainable success for a franchise that hasn’t had it in a long time. No one wants to hear about long-term plans when the team has been bad this long and I get it. 

It’s not the path a lot of fans were hoping to take, but it’s the one we have for now. Patience and time. The geology of being a Pistons fan.