Troy Weaver may be saying "I told you so" to the Detroit Pistons

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The Detroit Pistons completed a well-publicized coaching search last offseason that ended with them pulling a van loaded with money up to Monty Williams' doorstep.

Williams initially turned the team down, but Tom Gores kept at it, increasing the pot until he couldn't say no.

Before that, it appeared the Pistons were going to (or had already) make an offer to Kevin Ollie, who had coached at UCONN and in Overtime Elite from which Pistons' draft pick Ausar Thompson had just emerged.

There was reportedly some internal struggle, with Weaver, Tellum and Gores all wanting different guys. The owner won out and the Pistons got Monty Williams, which most fans were happy about.

For the record, I wanted Jarron Collins, but was happy enough with Williams, who had a track record of success and for turning around bad teams.

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But now that the season has imploded and the Detroit Pistons are the worst team again (with Monty Williams taking plenty of criticism) some are wondering how things might be different if they had gone with one of their original candidates.

I know at least one person is, and his name is Troy Weaver, who may get a chance to say "I told you so" to Tom Gores.

Detroit Pistons' coaching candidate Kevin Ollie promoted by the Brooklyn Nets

Yesterday, it was reported that the Brooklyn Nets had fired head coach Jacque Vaughn and many of us first wondered if Monty Williams would be next and whether assistant coach Kevin Ollie would get a shot at the big chair.

Ollie was promoted to interim head coach and will have the rest of the season to prove he should keep the job. The Nets have been one of the most disappointing teams in the Eastern Conference, as they are just 21-33 and out of the play-in picture.

If Ollie can get more out of this team and provide a spark, if they can go on a run and even sneak into the play-in tournament, it will be some amount of validation for Weaver, who wanted Ollie for Detroit.

It will also make Pistons Twitter really "fun" for a few days as fans try to claim they wanted Ollie all along (no you didn't) and that he should be with the Pistons and not the Nets.

Ollie wasn't my first choice, so I won't be taking that victory lap, but it will be interesting to see how he does for the Nets, as we have mounting evidence that Monty Williams may not have been the best choice for the Pistons.

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