2 Most underrated benefits of the Tobias Harris signing for the Pistons

Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons
Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

The Tobias Harris signing ticked a lot of boxes for the Detroit Pistons. 

They needed a consistent veteran scoring option, someone who is durable and reliable and someone on a short-term deal. Harris provides all of those benefits. 

He’s a good fit with Cade Cunningham and provides some much-needed shooting. 

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But this signing also has a positive ripple effect on the rotation and should provide the Pistons myriad benefits in the future. 

The Detroit Pistons can move Isaiah Stewart to backup center 

Everyone on planet earth not named Troy Weaver or Monty Williams thinks this is a move that should have happened a long time ago. 

To his credit, Stewart did improve as a shooter last season, though he’s still mediocre (at best) at attacking closeouts or making plays off the bounce. Even with that improvement, he’s not a fit with Jalen Duren, as teams are not going to sell out to defend Stewart at the 3-point line, even with his improvement. 

With Harris on board, that is no longer an issue, as the Pistons can just move Stewart to the backup five spot where he should have been all along. He’ll provide more value as a stretch off the bench and has the defensive versatility to play with a range of guys. 

Watching Minnesota last season, it was easy to see Stewart becoming a Naz Reid-type player who can affect games in multiple ways off the bench. 

The Harris trade solved two problems at once, as Detroit can now look for a veteran third center on a lower deal. 

Tobias Harris will be a trade chip for the Detroit Pistons 

Given his deal is only two years, it’s possible we’ll see Tobias Harris dealt after next season or before the trade deadline following that. With the cap going up (though not as much as expected yet), $26 million will not be a difficult salary to move. 

It’s possible the Pistons will eventually be able to get draft assets for Harris in trade. 

It’s also possible that the Pistons improve next season and feel it’s time to make a move for a star in which case Harris’ contract will come in handy. It’s the perfect size to use in a big trade and Harris will likely be on an expiring deal. 

Whether they move him for draft assets or as part of a bigger deal, Harris will be a trade asset for the Pistons.