What Jalen Duren must do to keep his job as a starter

Detroit Pistons v Washington Wizards
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2. Develop a Jump Shot

People are instantly going to see this and think the goal is for him to be a 3-point scorer. No. It's understandable that it would be a take away with many of the past champions and current top teams have stretch 5s, which I am not against the Pistons acquiring, but Jalen Duren does not need to become a 3-point scorer to keep his job as a starter. He just needs to be respectable enough outside the paint to open driving lanes.

Last season, Duren was a 79 percent shooter from the free throw line, which implies that he has the ability to space the floor to a decent mid range shot. Dragging defensive bigs out of the paint, and being able to hit shots that force the opposing team to defend is a reliable skill that he can develop and has shown signs of during the season. If this can become a common shot in his repertoire, he can open possibilities as a scorer and a playmaker, which he has the ability to do.

3. Develop A Post Game

The game isn't run from the post anymore, sure, but there is a reason for this. Duren is a decent scorer, but most of his plays are based on the team around him. He's a lob threat. Using natural talent and athleticism are a good thing, but when your gameplan is based on being a vertical threat, it makes your game one dimensional. The best way to counter this is to develop a strong post game.

A few back-to-the-basket moves would be beneficial to him has another offensive threat, and someone who has the physicality to create a mismatch. Being able to pivot and create confusion with pump fakes and dream shakes is a way to get an easy two and draw contact to make use of his 79 percent free throw shooting. Having a few go-to moves to lean into makes him more than a lob threat, helps his potential, and gives him more usage in the starting lineup.