What we need to see from the Detroit Pistons after the All-Star break

Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns
Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Some heart 

I have to say, after playing three spirited games in a row, two of which were wins, the Pistons have been disappointing. 

It was a tough road trip, and they weren’t given any favors by whoever made the schedule, but they were lifeless in the last two games, which were complete blowouts with little hope. 

I do put part of this on Monty Williams, who has a knack for allowing the game to get out of hand before the first quarter is even over by putting in all bench units that have gotten killed all season. 

But the players didn’t put up much resistance, show any heart or show that they were ready to build on the positive things that had happened in the previous three games. 

They should be embarrassed by the effort. This is a young team, so the tired legs excuse doesn’t fly, especially when veteran Mike Muscala is out there diving on the floor when he wasn’t glued to the bench. 

Losses come with the territory this season, but I’d rather see losses like the recent one to the LA Clippers than the last two, which just looked like a team trying to limp into the break.