What we need to see from the Detroit Pistons after the All-Star break

Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns
Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Some kind of plan 

We are 54 games into the season, and I still have no idea what the Detroit Pistons are doing. 

Are they trying to win games? Are they trying to develop their players? Are they trying out guys for next season? 

At least last year we knew the team had given up winning in favor of player development. We saw the young guys out there taking their lumps, learning and getting better. 

It’s like the Pistons haven’t noticed that their offseason propaganda campaign which insisted they would be competitive didn’t come to fruition. This season is over, long over, so it’s time to pivot towards development again, time to look to the future. 

That means playing the starters as much as possible, trimming the bench to the guys who might be part of the future and stopping this nonsense of playing 13 guys even in blowouts. 

They have 28 games to try and salvage something positive from this season, but it won’t happen until Monty Williams and the Pistons accept the reality, start playing with some heart and give minutes to the players who might be here again next season.