3 Wild experiments the Detroit Pistons should try

Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns
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Send one of Isaiah Stewart or Jalen Duren to the bench

Most modern NBA teams (except for Cleveland) aren't starting two centers and in the case of the Cavaliers, both of theirs are elite defenders.

The Pistons don't have that luxury, so stop with this nonsense already. Stewart is a center, so make him the primary backup, or send Jalen Duren to the bench and make him a starter.

I would experiment with both, as the Pistons need Stewart's defense on the floor, but the offensive spacing is so terrible it's a net loss for Detroit if Stewart, Duren and Ausar are all out there.

Some fans would balk at the idea of benching Duren, but he's not been good enough defensively despite his scoring and rebounding numbers. Maybe bringing him off the bench for a few games would spark something in him, who knows?

The Pistons started to get something going with Simone Fontecchio in the starting lineup but immediately went away from it once Stewart came back, either because Monty Williams foolishly thinks this two-big nonsense can work, or because the Pistons are trying to keep Fontecchio from getting an incentive-based bonus of $2 million for games started.

Neither option is a good look for the Detroit Pistons, who have to give up on the idea that Stewart, Duren and Thompson can start together. They won't, but we can dream.