3 Wild experiments the Detroit Pistons should try

Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns
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Go small

The Pistons have the potential to put out fun and exciting lineups for stretches that can create mismatches and get them playing with more pace and shooting.

Why not try some small ball?

I would use a lineup of Cade, Ivey, Grimes, Fontecchio and Stewart just to see what happened.

We still haven't seen what the two guards look like with three guys who can shoot around them and it could open things up.

I am scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas of how to make this team watchable for the last 20+ games, but it can't just be more of the same, as their coach is losing the team and they aren't even getting data they can use to build the roster for next season.

For the Detroit Pistons, doing the things that most teams would have tried already amounts to a "wild experiment" which tells you exactly how poorly this team has been managed and coached this season.