Wizards only team standing between Pistons and another lengthy streak

Nov 27, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Pistons guard Malcolm Cazalon (20) blocks out
Nov 27, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Pistons guard Malcolm Cazalon (20) blocks out / David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons already made embarrassing history this season by tying the NBA's record for consecutive losses.

But the season isn't over yet.

Detroit has racked up another 7-game losing streak since their one win over the Raptors, and with Cade Cunningham out for at least a few more games, the Pistons may take a shot at their own record.

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The only thing standing in their way is the 7-31 Washington Wizards and to a lesser extent, the Charlotte Hornets, as if Detroit loses to these two teams, we may see another epic losing streak.

Pistons schedule: Another huge losing streak may be coming

The Pistons play the Wizards tonight on the road and even though Washington already beat Detroit once this season, this is a game that should be competitive, as both teams are terrible.

But if Detroit doesn't beat Washington tonight things could get very ugly again, as they then have a three-game homestand against Western Conference-leading Minnesota and then back-to-back games against the Bucks.

Detroit then has a game against Charlotte and another against Washington, two winnable games even for the Pistons. Again, if Detroit doesn't win either of these, they'll be sitting on a 13-game losing streak with these 15 games following:

-vs. OKC
-vs. LA Clippers
-vs. Magic
-@LA Clippers
-@LA Lakers
-vs. Magic
-@New York
-vs. Cavaliers

There's only one game in that group (Trail Blazers) that you could realistically call "winnable," though we know anything is possible on any given night.

Losing all of those games would tie their own record for futility and if the Pistons don't take care of one of the Wizards or Hornets, that is very much a possibility.

It's wild to think that a team could have two historic losing streaks in one season, but you can't rule anything out when talking about the 2023-24 Detroit Pistons, who may go down in history as one of the worst teams the league has ever seen.