Pistons draft: The best shooter in Europe among top draft prospects not in NCAA

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Matas Buzelis, 6’10" SF, G-League Ignite


  • Size
  • Smooth with the Ball
  • Overall Scorer
  • Decent Shooting Mechanics


  • Wingspan Compared to his Height
  • Three Point Consistency
  • Strength

Summary of Matas

At this time Matas Buzelis is projected to go closer to fifth overall rather than one or two. So, in order for Detroit to wind up with Buzelis, they would need to have fallen in the Draft Lottery. Matas would not be a terrible consolation prize if that were the case. Offensively, he’s a 6-foot-10 scoring wing that might not do anything at an elite level but does a lot of things well. His shooting from the perimeter has improved over this last year, and based on his mechanics and free throw shooting, shows signs it can improve even further. Matas looks under-control with the ball in his hands, and takes what the defense gives him in terms of driving to the basket, dishing it to a teammate, or pulling up for a mid-range jumper.

Even though he is 6-foot-10, his wingspan is lacking and his overall strength and mass must improve. Similar to another option on this list, Buzelis has a tendency to be pushed around in the paint, something that a stretch big cannot afford to do. Adding muscle and balance will go a long way in improving his rebounds and overall game.