Two Rooks Doing Work


Austin Daye continues to sit more than he plays.

The guy has shown he can play a little.  He’s no clown who needs to be baby sat like Darko Milicic.

There’s minutes to be had for Daye.  How about one 5-7 minute shift in the first half at least?  Let’s be creative, Kuester.  No, no, I’m not one of those people calling for the firing of Kuester.  But really, Detroit is 53 games under .500… let’s see what we got in that 15th overall pick (besides knowing he has a quick sense of humor).  Like I’ve said before, I think it could be something real good.

(via PistonsNation)

Oh well, at least these two rookies drafted after Daye are showing what they’re made of on the hardwood.

Darren Collison (21st pick)

Saturday vs. Bobcats

42 minutes played, 9-17 from the field, 5 boards, 4 feeds… 24 points

*Just about a week ago Collison had an 18 assist game and a 14 assist game

Ty Lawson (18th pick)

Saturday vs. Utah

36 minutes played, 8-13 from the field, 4 boards, 4 feeds…25 points

Man oh man it irks me to know that between New Orleans and Denver they have four legit point guards and Detroit doesn’t even have one (not a knock on Stuckey).

Oh well, at least we have 11 small forwards…

Tops in the Association!