Big Ten Tournament scouting reports


I’m back from the Big Ten Tournament, and ready to get back in the swing of the blog. It was a good trip – and meeting some overly served Minnesota fans was definitely a highlight. (Do most Minnesota fans call the team the Goofers with their accents? Or was it just these guys clowning on them?)

Anyway, here are the scouting reports I promised:

Evan Turner, Ohio State

Chad Ford’s projection: Top 5

I think Turner could make a case for being the No. 1 pick, and not just because he made me do this:

He’s too good for college. He can impose his will on the game offensively and defensively. There’s nothing he can’t do. I don’t want to talk about him anymore until he’s a Piston. But he’s an amazing player.

JaJuan Johnson, Purdue

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Late first to early second
  • He really impressed me. I’d love to get him late in the first round.
  • Prototypical NBA power forward
  • Phenomenal athleticism
  • Doesn’t have elite strength, but strong enough to get the job done
  • Scored inside with a variety of moves
  • Above average, but not great, footwork
  • Good shooting range
  • He shot a technical free throw, so I guess he’s good from the stripe.
  • Doesn’t protect the rim as well as he should with his height and hops, but he’s not a defensive liability

William Buford, Ohio State

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Late first to early second
  • Another player I’d be really happy to draft late in the first round
  • Gets a lot of credit for his jump shooting, but his interior offense really impressed
  • Can post up and finds ways to slip into paint
  • Good, big, strong defender who would bother increasingly speed-focused NBA guards
  • Fast enough to play guard in NBA
  • Questionable ball handling and dribbling
  • If he wasn’t shooting, usually passed ball immediately after receiving it

Kalin Lucas, Michigan State

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Late first to early second
  • Excels playing fast, but sometimes tries to push the tempo too often
  • Tremendous speed
  • Improved perimeter shooter
  • Can make shots off the dribble, coming around screens
  • Questionable playmaking instincts/ willingness to pass
  • Takes a lot of chances making steals from ball-handlers, but they usually paid off
  • Too small to be a stopper

Manny Harris, Michigan

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Second round to undrafted
  • The way he played against Ohio State, he’d be a first-round pick.
  • Some might see slight frame as an issue, but I think it helps him slim between defenders on dribble drives
  • Quick first step
  • Good body control
  • Absorbs contact well
  • Gets to the free-throw line, where he’s an excellent shooter
  • Streaky jumper, but has NBA 3-point range
  • Above average passer for a shooting guard
  • Defense comes and goes as his shots fall
  • Understands positioning and timing his jump to corral missed shots, so his excellent rebounding should extend to next level
  • Has clashed with his coach
  • Turnover prone
  • Can disappear when defenses focus on him

DeShawn Sims, Michigan

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Second round to undrafted
  • Can shoot to college 3-point arc, but not sure about beyond
  • Improved footwork in the low post
  • Doesn’t use it enough, but great first step when facing basket from the perimeter
  • When aggressive, can carry a team
  • Solid, but not special rebounder
  • Defense isn’t as good as his size and athleticism would suggest
  • Will have to bulk up or increase speed to make up for being undersized power forward in NBA (My bet is on bulking up.)

Raymar Morgan, Michigan State

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Second round to undrafted
  • Exceptional athlete
  • How many small forwards who can’t shoot from outside, don’t have a refined low-post game and don’t handle the ball or pass well make it?
  • Active defensively and on the glass
  • An up-tempo team looking for a defender and open-court finisher could take a flyer on him.

Durrell Summers, Michigan State

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Second round to undrafted
  • Has NBA talent and body, but still a long way from being ready for the league
  • Benched down the stretch against Minnesota
  • Numbers are down, but stroke on jumpers looks good
  • Plays on good defense, but I couldn’t tell how much he had to do with that
  • Didn’t get to the paint much

Rodney Williams, Minnesota

Chad Ford’s projection: Second round to undrafted

I watched him this weekend, and I literally have nothing to say. Thankfully, in yesterday’s Daily Dime Live, T Wolf Grant mentioned Minnesota. I’ll let him take it from here on Williams:

"Its hard to say because he really hasn’t gotten enough minutes to make a big impact on the team, because the gophers play so deep. He’s a great dunker with good athleticism but besides that im not sure about his offensive game.…He’s one of those players that shows alot of potential but i mean he was a true freshman this year so i’d like to see him get the chance to add a little muscle and straighten out his jump shot. But all that being said i think he has a good future with a decent amount of upside"

Mike Davis, Illinois

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Second round to undrafted
  • Some say he could be a center at the next level, but I don’t see that happening.
  • Not a banger
  • Probably has the physical game of a small forward, but his speed makes him a power forward
  • Decent jumper for his size
  • Pretty good in the open court
  • Does enough defensively to get by, but doesn’t intimidate anyone
  • Uses his length well to defend taller than he is

Brandon Paul, Illinois

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Second round to undrafted
  • Didn’t play much, and didn’t do much in his limited time
  • Should focus on point-guard skills
  • Average as a shooting guard, but his size, length and athletic ability could make him a special point guard
  • Great ball-handler for a shooting guard, good for a point guard
  • Not a good enough defender to do much without risking going for steals

Trevon Hughes, Wisconsin

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Second round to undrafted
  • Too small to be a shooting guard in NBA
  • Not a good enough passer to be a point guard
  • Strong outside shooter
  • Can shoot of the dribble
  • Doesn’t score inside efficiently
  • Quick hands on defense

E’Twaun Moore, Purdue

  • Chad Ford’s projection: Not rated
  • He wasn’t on the original and for good reason. He’s definitely a better player than some of the above players, but I just don’t see NBA talent.
  • Can drive to the basket
  • Scores pretty well
  • Not overly athletic
  • Undersized
  • Plays good defense – but that seems to more with focus and team concepts than athleticism, so I’m not sure if it would translate to NBA