Charlie Villanueva Tweets He’s Healthy


Nov 11, 2013; Portland, OR, USA; Detroit Pistons power forward Charlie Villanueva (31) watches from the bench as tim winds down during the fourth quarter of the game against the Portland Trail Blazers at Moda Center. The Blazers won the game 109-103. Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes – USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Villanueva has been an interesting player to watch on the Pistons. He makes for an interesting topic, among Pistons fans, because of his lack of playing time on the team.

Villanueva tweeted on Sunday night that he was not hurt, and that he was “100% healthy”.

And Villanueva stated the obvious. It’s fairly obvious that he is healthy since he has not been listed as an injured player on the Pistons. What’s even more obvious is that the reason for not playing on a consistent basis is because he is not in Mo Cheeks rotation, and probably won’t be until further notice.

For Villanueva to even come out and tweet what he tweeted, shows a bit of unhappiness on his part.

This could develop into something bigger than it actually is, or it could turn out to be absolutely nothing.