Detroit Pistons Marcus Morris Hearing Footsteps?

While Marcus Morris spent a majority of his time in Phoenix coming off the bench and watching his brother start, his role as a starter is cemented for now in Detroit.
While Marcus Morris spent a majority of his time in Phoenix coming off the bench and watching his brother start, his role as a starter is cemented for now in Detroit. /

For all intents and purposes the offseason has come to a close. This has been an incredible offseason for many Detroit Pistons players and die-hard Piston-Nation.

Greg Monroe’s status has been cleared up. Reggie Jackson proudly sports a very respectable contract and the Pistons’ first round draft pick of Stanley Johnson looks like a stellar choice to-date. Andre Drummond headlines a slew of Pistons training out in L.A. together and his tone speaks of a player here for the long haul.

Thankfully, most of the discussion is now about who fans want to see most this season.

Thus the tinkering has begun. Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower are now prepping for training camp, filling out the roster with warm bodies to bang against and discussions about roles and playing time have begun in earnest.

Who has the most to lose? Who might be hearing footsteps?

Well that’s easy…isn’t it? At first blush and though his introductory was Bad Boy-esque I vote for Marcus Morris.

Now I will admit that his brother’s recent antics on Twitter haven’t helped the newly minted Piston, but his history and contract really undue this half of the Morris twin. Piston nation can only hope that Marcus will turn over a new leaf and one that has been solidly intertwined with “Keef.”

The inverse is that Marcus Morris has the most to gain and for all fans this would be an ideal outcome. Let us, however, look at what Morris is up against. It was not like Van Gundy and Bower were clamoring for Marcus to be available. It was the right trade at the right time for a franchise on the cusp of having a blah free agent experience. Great value for next to nothing in return.  

If the All-Star break comes and Morris is at the end of the bench who might be sweating?

No one.

With the below market deal he foolishly signed off on he could ride the pine and it really wouldn’t spark the freak out meter. The contract’s value provides Bower and Van Gundy with a trade chip so if his attitude sees more air time than his outside shooting he’ll be in trouble.

Morris came to the league with a bit of fanfare. Most who watched Kansas saw Morris as more than a serviceable power forward and one who might just be special. Fair or foul Morris had to deal with early trades that diluted his perceived value. He was supposed to be a star in Houston and then a throw-in with Phoenix.

Piston fans have to wonder if Morris will outgrow the antics of his brother Markieff and provide real value on the hardwood. This Piston fan base can be very forgiving (see “ball don’t lie”) to those whose emotions drive their athletic prowess, but a hard line is drawn when these emotions rot from the inside.

Rasheed Wallace will go down not only as one of the most colorful characters in sports history akin to Sir Charles Barkley and Dennis Rodman. Wallace ignited the flame to the 2004 championship for the Pistons, but his out of control and inconsistent play (see Wallace’s final series against Cleveland) out shined a stellar stint with the franchise.

Morris’s grit and homage to the Bad Boys at his press conference sent a subtle but strong message to the fan base that he will be all in come the end of October.

Fans of the Pistons hope that he recognizes his opportunity, not only seizes it but outplays his contract in more ways than one. Pistons fans only hope the footsteps Marcus hears are those of his own feet during starting lineups and not those of his brother. One Morris is quite enough.

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