Detroit Pistons’ SL Eric Moreland has a ‘real chance’ to make NBA roster

BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 15: Eric Moreland
BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 15: Eric Moreland /

The Detroit Pistons’ Summer League squad has been impressive despite their 1-1 record. One of the more pleasant stories has been forward Eric Moreland who has had back-to-back four block games, and a few highlight jams. As it turns out, Moreland’s play has garnered some attention as he know has a “real chance” to make an NBA roster, according to Steve Kyler.

Detroit Pistons’ summer leaguer Eric Moreland posted a double-double against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday. He also had four blocks.

He followed that performance up with a 15 point outing, and another four block performance.

Needless to say, it has been an impressive showing for Moreland, as he dominates the Orlando Summer League competition.

What’s even better, it appears as if his performance is paying off as Basketball Insiders’ Steve Kyler says he is hearing that Moreland has a real chance to make the an NBA roster.

For players like Moreland, this is what Summer League is all about. It’s an audition to prove that they are capable of playing on the biggest of stages, and that is something Moreland has shown over these first two games unequivocally.

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Let’s hope he continues to perform. Even if there isn’t an opportunity with the Pistons, I think we would all like to see a player like Moreland land a gig in the NBA.