What to expect from the Detroit Pistons in the first round

The Detroit Pistons narrowly just made the playoffs. Not many people are expecting them to move past the first round against the Bucks. But what should we expect out of these guys?

The Detroit Pistons are only making the playoffs for the second time this decade. Their last two trips were 0-4 sweeps versus the Cavaliers. Some people expect another sweep happening. But what should we prepare for?

Andre Drummond versus Giannis Antetokounmpo

This is the matchup we should all be expecting. Not Blake Griffin against Giannis Antetokounmpo, but Andre Drummond.

Even though the Bucks set up Brook Lopez as a five, he plays intensely on the perimeter, he’s in the top 30 for three-point shots per game. He is also never down low on offense and doesn’t even get an offensive rebound in a game.


The real threat is going to be the Greek Freak, the assuming MVP of this season. Around the paint he is unstoppable, and his efforts to get to the paint is something never seen before in the NBA. The only guy who even has a remote chance to stop him on the Pistons is Drummond.

Drummond is extremely lengthy, he knows how to use his length and his athletic force to be a force on defense. The issue I see for Drummond is his coordination, for a guy with his size being coordinated is a challenge, and he faces it. Against Antetokunmpo who has great athleticism, this can prove an issue, but this isn’t the only issue, Antetokunmpo is unstoppable as it gets, and there is no way to find a real issue to stop him.

Maybe the Pistons should try what the Warriors did to LeBron James in the 2015 Finals? Just let the star score all the points and limit the other players.

But Drummond covering the Greek Freak is as real as it gets and you should expect it.

Blake Griffin won’t be at 100%

Griffin has been battling with his left knee for quite some time now. He missed four of the past eight games and sat for the majority of one that he did play. Overall, the Pistons know they need him. The get’s 20% of the team’s points and that’s not it. He’s the team’s piston to their engine, without him the team fails.

When Blake was out, the team lost half of their games and struggled for the most part.

No matter what, the team will need him when they are facing off against the Bucks. He will be the go-to scoring option and best player to have Antetokunmpo focus on to detract attention other players.

Playing at a slower pace

The Pistons will not be able to play a fast pace game against the Bucks, they are just too athletic and too good on transition.

Pistons won’t risk their chances of playing fast or being blown on transition. Offensive boards will be minimal, a seven-second offense will be virtually gone, and sprinting back on defense will be a norm.

To beat the Bucks they have to make sure they minimize any fast-break. Expect Casey to play that way.

Three-pointers are going to be fired up at an insane rate

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Pistons will be shooting a lot of threes.

It’s been building up to this the entire regular season. Luke Kennard, Wayne Ellington, and Langston Galloway will all be seeing their fair share in shooting opportunities this series. The only issue is, that the Bucks have the best perimeter defense in the league.

Casey is going to want his guys to jack up some triples, it could be the focal point of the offense.

Will they win?

Well so far every underdog team in the East has a 1-0 advantage, maybe the Pistons can continue that list?

It’ll for sure be interesting, the Pistons have the lowest record out of any other team in the playoffs, and they’re facing the team that has the highest.

The Pistons should just play with a lot of heart and determination and that could give them a series win. Pistons fans have to be the best they can to support their team.

What should we expect for the series outcome?

A 4-1 loss, if they’re lucky.