Detroit Pistons: Sweet 16 games to watch for possible Pistons draft picks

Evan Mobley #4 of the USC Trojans (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Evan Mobley #4 of the USC Trojans (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons were active at the trade deadline and added a couple more second-round picks to their coffers.

They now have four picks overall, one first-rounder that will hopefully be in the top-five and three second-round picks that would have them near the top, middle and back end of the round.

The Pistons have been playing terribly lately, so they are hoping to remain in the bottom three of the NBA but after Orlando, Cleveland and Houston all got significantly worse, it won’t be easy.

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If the Pistons end up falling out of the top-five, they can still find impact talent, though they would be devastated if this happened, as there is a consensus top-five that is a tier above the rest.

One of them is playing today and the Detroit Pistons will have one eye on his game and one on Michigan vs. Florida State in case the worst happens.

Detroit Pistons: Player to watch in USC vs. Oregon

Evan Mobley is considered the best player in the draft by some and could easily be selected by the Pistons if they do not get the number one overall pick and maybe even if they do.

He has had a great tournament so far and looks like a guy who will be able to do a lot of things at the next level. He has a strong Chris Bosh vibe and will likely be more of a stretch-four and rim protector in the NBA, both things the Pistons could definitely use.

Mobley had 10 points, 13 rebounds and five assists in USC’s drubbing of Kansas and could help his stock even more with another big all-around game.

Possible Detroit Pistons draft picks in Michigan vs. Florida State

Many Pistons’ fans will be tuning into the Michigan game to cheer on the home-state team but there are also a couple of possible draft picks in this one.

The Detroit Pistons would likely have to fall outside of the top-five to end up with either Scottie Barnes or Franz Wagner but both would be potential fits if the worst does happen. I love Barnes as as do-it-all Draymond Green type for the Pistons if they once again have poor lottery luck and he could end up being one of the most versatile defenders in the draft.

Wagner is another forward who can do a bit of everything, so would fit in with the Pistons on either end of the floor.

This will be a big day for the NCAA and fans of the Pistons, who will get a glimpse at a few guys who could end up on the team.

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