Detroit Pistons’ statement uniforms have unique origin story

A detail view of the Flagstar Bank patch on the jersey of Tobias Harris #34 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
A detail view of the Flagstar Bank patch on the jersey of Tobias Harris #34 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons unveiled their new statement uniforms yesterday, which got mixed reviews from fans, though most opinions seemed to be positive.

The uniforms are a complete departure from the traditional, which is something fans have been asking for, as things have gotten a little stale. The Pistons responded by unleashing the teal, which nearly caused a civil war among fans, and now with the statement uniforms, which are mostly getting positive reviews.

Apparently they did this photo shoot in the den of Wayne Manor, but that’s a different story.

These are not the uniforms designed by rapper Big Sean, so we can expect even more releases and arguments in the future.

The comments about the statement uniforms ranged from happy, to “meh” to pure disgust.

You can’t please everyone I suppose. I probably fall somewhere in the middle, as I like the colors, but the lettering and stripes remind me too much of recent Wizards’ jerseys and they are a little boring overall.

The origin story of these uniforms might be the most interesting thing about them, and show once again that the Detroit Pistons are actually listening to the fans.

Detroit Pistons new uniforms started with a fan voicemail

According to the Pistons’ Twitter page, the origins of these new uniforms started with a humble voicemail from a super fan who was ready for something different to go along with the rebuild:

It appears the team took this message quite literally, as they gave this fan pretty much exactly what he asked for. The Pistons’ social media team has been much more interactive and responsive to fans over the last few seasons, and it is working, as they have fans engaged on Twitter, even if it just to argue over the colors of a jersey.

I’ve said many times that I don’t care if they wear potato sacks and Fez hats as long as they start winning soon, but I am happy that my favorite team actually takes the time to listen to fans and respond to their requests.

I am far more interested to see what the corresponding court is going to look like, as the Detroit Pistons will have matching courts for all of their new digs.

Like them or not, we are finally getting something new this season and fans should be happy about that.

dark. Next. Will the Pistons be better off without Jerami Grant?