Detroit Pistons trade rumors: Is there a market for Saddiq Bey?

Saddiq Bey #41 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)
Saddiq Bey #41 of the Detroit Pistons (Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Pistons have gotten off to a poor start this season, though they did win their second game in a row on the road last night in Utah.

This has led to speculation that the Pistons will eventually part ways with some of their veterans in an attempt to add assets.

This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if the Pistons are actually going to try and compete this season and next, as teams need veterans and you can’t keep selling your fans on the hope of first-round draft picks forever.

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But that hasn’t stopped teams from calling, as Detroit has reportedly gotten inquiries about Bojan Bogdanovic, and I am sure Alec Burks and Nerlens Noel won’t be far behind.

One name I was not expecting to hear in trade rumors was Saddiq Bey, but he was brought up in a recent article by Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports, who had this to say:

"“Bey will become extension-eligible this summer and has had a noticeable drop in production. Detroit has taken early calls on Bey from inquiring teams, sources said, a change in behavior from recent trade windows. But it seems the Pistons are intent on further evaluating Bey before truly entertaining his trade market.”"

Trading Saddiq Bey right now would definitely be selling low, as he has struggled this season and hasn’t made the leap we were hoping for, especially from behind the arc.

But moving him does make some sense when you look at his pending contract extension, and the fact that his defense has not been a great fit with Bojan Bogdanovic. There is also the issue of Bey’s 3-point shooting, as he is hitting just 29 percent from long range and has far less value if he doesn’t make that shot.

Trading him now would be giving up before the Detroit Pistons have even had a chance to see their whole team together at the same time, and Bey could eventually work himself into a valuable part of the bench.

But if they did want to move him, is there even a market?

Detroit Pistons trade rumors: Is there a market for Saddiq Bey?

Teams are probably inquiring about Bey now, as they know they might be able to get him for little. Detroit seems content to wait it out, which is probably best for right now.

There are really two types of teams that would trade for Bey. The first would be another rebuilding team that had a similarly disappointing player on a similar contract that the Pistons could swap straight up for Bey. This would be one of those “change of scenery” trades where the teams hoped a new environment and roster might be a better fit.

The second type of team would be a contender looking for bench depth that may have a first-round draft pick to cough up for a guy who has at least proven he can score in different ways.

But right now, it’s hard to imagine any team giving up much for a guy who is the 4th or 5th scoring option on a bad team and shooting just 40 percent from the floor. I wouldn’t expect Bey to be moved anytime soon, but he’s definitely a player to keep an eye on this season, as Detroit could decide that he is not part of the long-term plans.

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