The Pistons’ next head coach may still be in the playoffs

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra (C) with assistant coaches Chris Quinn (L) and Dan Craig (R) and Juwan Howard Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra (C) with assistant coaches Chris Quinn (L) and Dan Craig (R) and Juwan Howard Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

The Detroit Pistons headed into the offseason with a big “to do” list that included hiring a new head coach.

They are taking their time, which is probably a good thing, as this is a decision Troy Weaver and co. have to get right.

It appeared as though the Pistons had started to narrow things down, but Tom Gores reportedly wasn’t thrilled with the three “finalists” (why did they call them that?), and some more experienced head coaches have since hit the market, including Monty Williams and Mike Budenholzer.

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But with at least four other teams looking for coaches (will Boston soon join the search?) the Pistons are competing with teams that have “win now” rosters that might be more appealing to coaches that have already won titles or had a lot of success, which may mean that a first-time coach is still headed to Detroit.

One possibility is still coaching and is likely headed to the NBA Finals.

Pistons coach: Is Detroit holding out for Chris Quinn?

Of the early announced candidates, one of the standouts was Chris Quinn, the assistant coach of the Miami Heat.

It’s not hard to understand why, as Quinn is part of arguably the best run and best coached team in the NBA, and since 2014 has been working directly under Erik Spoelstra, the guy who many believe is the league’s best coach.

Pat Riley has been brilliant at finding the right people and sticking with them, which is what he has done with Spoelstra. It appears as though Quinn could be the next in line, as he has been the assistant to take over whenever Spoelstra got thrown out or had to miss games.

It may sound simple, but if he’s good enough for Miami, he’s good enough for me.

Quinn is known as a very smart basketball mind, and at 39-years-old, is still young enough to engage and relate to the players. Veterans like Udonis Haslem have raved about him, and Quinn is widely considered one of the best assistant coaches in the game.

The Detroit Pistons could be waiting out Miami’s postseason run before making their move, or they could just be floundering in the ether, we wouldn’t know, as there has been no news out of the Pistons camp since it was announced that Gores had essentially vetoed Weaver’s three “finalists.”

Is Quinn the guy? Are the Pistons waiting for someone else? Is there a mystery candidate that hasn’t been named? Detroit entered the offseason with a lot of questions hanging over them and we are still waiting for answers.

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