Every player’s chance of being with the Detroit Pistons in a year

Detroit Pistons forward Marvin Bagley III (35) and guard Killian Hayes (7) Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Pistons forward Marvin Bagley III (35) and guard Killian Hayes (7) Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

Since Troy Weaver took over as GM, the Detroit Pistons have morphed into a completely different team.

Not a single player remains from the roster he took over, which is not surprising considering he was given the mission of rebuilding one of the worst teams in the league.

Tanking, and the subsequent draft picks it produced, have hopefully given the Detroit Pistons foundational players in Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, Jalen Duren and Ausar Thompson that should bring some stability to the team.

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But there are still plenty of question marks around the core, and we could once again see a drastically different team in a years time. Here’s a stab at the percentage chance each player will be with the team 12 months from now.

Every player’s chance of being with the Detroit Pistons in a year

Cade Cunningham-100%

The Detroit Pistons only have one untouchable player and his name is Cade Cunningham. There’s not a feasible scenario in which he would be traded. This is the guy they are bulding around and he is in the Motor City to stay.

Jalen Ivey-98%

Ivey is not untouchable, and if the right trade came along, it’s possible he could be included if the Pistons had a chance to add a proven star. But the chances of that trade happening are low unless the Pelicans decide they want to trade Zion Williamson.

Jalen Duren-97%

You could pretty much just copy the paragraph from above and apply it to Duren. He’s not untouchable and would only be moved in a trade for a star.

Bojan Bogdanovic-75%

Some fans would put this lower, and it is possible that Bogdanovic will finally be moved after rampant speculation over the last year. But no team has met Detroit’s asking price so far, and if they don’t, there is little sense in moving the team’s leading scorer from last season, as he provides more value to the Pistons than he would net in a trade. However, if Detroit is once again at the bottom of the league at the trade deadline, this number goes way down.

Alec Burks-60%

I see Burks as the more likely to be traded, as he is on an expiring deal that would be very easy to move. He’d take less to acquire than Bogdanovic and just about every contender will look to add shooting at some point.

Joe Harris-35%

Like Burks, Harris could be a hot commodity at the trade deadline if the Pistons are terrible again. He too is on an expiring deal and it’s hard to see the Pistons wanting to bring him back after next season.

Marvin Bagley III-70%

The Detroit Pistons would probably love to move MBIII, but good luck with that. He’s a backup big who is always hurt and is making $12.5 million per season over the next two years. He’d have to really be playing well and be totally healthy at the trade deadline for someone to bite.

James Wiseman-60%

The Pistons are going to give Wiseman every chance to win a role, and if he does, I could see them bringing him back after next season. We know Weaver is high on this guy, so he’ll likely be given more chances. But given his higher perceived ceiling and expiring contract, he might be an attractive sweetener in a trade package.

Monte Morris-90%

Morris wants to be in Detroit, they have the perfect role for him, and I think he’s going to thrive in it next season and re-sign with the team.

Ausar Thompson-99%

They don’t have anyone else like him and Thompson could prove to be a more valuable two-way player than Ivey, so if one of them is going to be traded, Ivey is the more likely candidate, though I would bet large amounts of money that it doesn’t happen.

Killian Hayes-10%

It’s hard to see how Hayes is on this team after next season or maybe even before it. The Pistons didn’t offer him an extension and went out and added two more guys who can play point guard, one of whom (Morris) is a proven commodity. Hayes could surprise everyone, but he’s running out of time.

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Isaiah Stewart-96%

Teams did inquire about Stewart’s availability this offseason before the Pistons inked him to a four-year extension. If the Pistons are going to move a big, it likely won’t be Beef Stew.

Marcus Sasser-90%

I dropped Sasser only because there is a chance he is in the G-League, but it’s hard to see him traded after Detroit moved up to get him in the draft.

Isaiah Livers-60%

This one is harder to call, as Livers could be a key part of the rotation or he could be out of it entirely. If it’s the latter, it’s hard to see Detroit bringing him back considering he’s already 25 years old. Staying healthy will be the key. If he is healthy, this number jumps up considerably.

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