Rumored new Pistons’ city edition jerseys draw mixed reviews

The Detroit Pistons logo (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
The Detroit Pistons logo (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

Nothing gets fans of the Detroit Pistons more riled up than the release of a new city edition uniform.

It’s become an annual tradition, as a new jersey gets leaked and fans react, with the words “clean” or “trash” often bandied about.

It’s been a whole lot of the latter over recent years, as the Pistons’ city editions have left a lot to be desired. The Pistons even brought back the dreaded teal uniforms, which started a civil war in the fanbase.

It’s not something I get overly excited about, although I did rank all 30 of the jerseys two seasons ago when Detroit had the red lightning bolt city editions, which I really liked. Last year’s Vernor’s green version (it was really for St. Cecilia’s Gym) was fine, but there was a huge segment of the fanbase that wouldn’t shut up about how terrible they were.

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I don’t have to wear the jersey myself, so again, it’s not something that keeps me up at night, but there are some fans who take this stuff very seriously. I know because I get tagged in mock-ups and supposedly “leaked” jerseys pretty much every day.

So it wasn’t surprising that the latest leak drew mixed reviews.

Rumored new Pistons’ city edition jerseys draw mixed reviews

I never know how much stock to put into these pictures, as they always look like the jersey just fell off a truck or is on the floor of a consignment store next to a soiled Teddy Ruxpin and an unauthorized Stone Cold Steve Austin doll.

So take this leaked photo with a gigantic grain of salt, as this might not be the real thing, and even if it is, it might not be the finished product:

The font would appear to be some kind of nod to the Bad Boys, so using the colors of the Chicago Bulls was certainly a choice. I was asked what I thought of them and my response was “It looks like something you could buy in a Bangkok night market for 100 baht.”

Jokes aside, it’s fairly inoffensive but also uninspired, so I will keep holding out for the Detroit Pistons to make a city edition with a Motown theme that says “Hitsville USA” across the front, but I am no longer holding my breath.

So we can expect (or not) to see something like this in the 313 Store soon, and I am sure fans will have plenty of debates about it.

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