3-Team trades that could benefit the Detroit Pistons this offseason

Detroit Pistons v Cleveland Cavaliers
Detroit Pistons v Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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The Detroit Pistons need talent, they need role players, they need, well, just about everything. 

They don’t even have a team president yet, and that person may decide to fire the GM and coach, so the list of Pistons’ offseason needs has not gotten any shorter since the worst year in team history mercifully ended. 

Detroit may not have the ammo to trade for a big-time star, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from someone else’s trade. 

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As one of the only teams with significant cap space, the Pistons are in position to help grease the wheels of a big trade using that space, taking back an asset or two in the process. 

Here are three situations they could potentially benefit from this summer. 

The Detroit Pistons and the New Orleans Pelicans 

Brandon Ingram could be dealt this summer according to reports, and if so, the Detroit Pistons could certainly just try to trade for him outright. 

But the Pels are in a weird situation in which they want to compete now, build for the future and cut payroll all at the same time, so may not be interested in taking on a young project as the centerpiece of any deal for Ingram. 

Philly, Cleveland, Atlanta and Orlando are all teams that might have interest in Ingram according to Marc Stein (Subscription). 

If Detroit can’t get Ingram outright, then they might be able to take back a salary to help him fit on his new team. Could they get De’Andre Hunter from Atlanta for next to nothing? The Cavaliers (more on them in a minute) would have to shed a salary to fit Ingram in and could move someone like Jarrett Allen (who the Pelicans would love) or Max Strus. If the Pelicans don’t want to take on another big salary, the Pistons could step in. 

Philly and Orlando have their own cap space to use, so likely wouldn’t need a third team, but if Ingram is moved, there are ways the Pistons can grab assets to help make it possible even if they don’t get Ingram themselves.