Another possible free-agent target off the board for the Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons v Miami Heat
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The Detroit Pistons only have seven players under contract for next season, so they will be busy in the offseason.

Their biggest need is talent, plain and simple, but they will have holes at the wing, power forward, backup center and backup point guard as well.

Some of those could be addressed internally, though it's arguable that they shouldn't be, as Detroit needs to get as much of the stink of this season off them as possible.

With a young guard trio already under contract, the Pistons could use a veteran behind them, someone who can make 3-point shots, defend a little and doesn't turn the ball over recklessly.

Possible star trade target for the Pistons in the rumor mill. Possible star trade target for the Pistons in the rumor mill. dark. Related Story

They thought that role was going to be filled by Monte Morris this season, but he was hurt for most of it and then got traded away at the deadline.

Morris is still an option, as he'll be a free agent after this season and there may be some mutual interest in a reunion with his hometown team.

But another option was recently taken off the board.

Possible Detroit Pistons' free-agent target re-signs with Timberwolves

Yesterday it was announced that Mike Conley Jr. had signed a two-year extension to remain with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

They got one of the best veteran point guards in the league on a sweetheart deal, which is great for Minnesota, as they are up against some serious salary issues heading into the offseason.

But it's bad for the Pistons, who might have targeted Conley in free agency, as he perfectly fits the mold of what they need. He may be 36 years old, but Conley is still a starter on a good team who averages 10 points, six assists (with just one turnover) and is shooting 44 percent from long range.

He's probably too good for the Pistons anyway, as Conley has shown that he can still be a key cog on a good team and isn't going to be looking for a backup role just yet.

This more confirms that the Pistons can't rely entirely on free agency to fill out their roster, as the best names are getting snatched up quickly, leaving the potential for them to have to overpay for the scraps.

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