What is Cade Cunningham thinking as extension with Pistons approaches?

Boston Celtics v Detroit Pistons
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Will Cade Cunningham make demands or call out the front office?

To his credit, Cunningham continues to play hard and say all of the right things. He's taken much of the blame for this season himself and doesn't throw his teammates or coach under the bus, even though some of them should be driving one instead of on an NBA roster.

But before he signs what will be a five-year extension, will he make some demands? Will he put pressure on his owner to make changes in the front office? To the coaching staff? Will he leverage his position as the franchise player to force the team to give him some help?

The Pistons have the cap space, young players and high draft pick to make a big move this summer and I hope Cade Cunningham demands that they do, as another offseason like the last one will result in him wasting another year of his career.

So even though I am nearly certain Cunningham will sign an extension, I do have to wonder what he is thinking and whether he sees Detroit as his long-term home.