B/R makes contract extension predictions for 2 Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks
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This summer is going to be a busy one for the Detroit Pistons.

They have questions in the front office, coaching staff and roster that will need to be addressed, and Tom Gores could decide to clean house and start over.

At the very least, the Pistons will have to try and improve the worst team in the NBA, filling open roster spots with more complementary players via free agency and trade.

But they also have some of their own players to consider, as both Cade Cunningham and Quentin Grimes are eligible for rookie contract extensions.

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A recent article from Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report predicted what each player from the 1st round of the 2021 NBA Draft would get, including the two Detroit Pistons.

Detroit Pistons contract extensions

Quentin Grimes
Prediction: No extension

Grimes has only appeared in six games since being traded to the Detroit Pistons and has not played particularly well, especially on offense, so I agree with Pincus here, there is no reason to extend him this summer.

Grimes has one more team-friendly year left on his contract and will be a restricted free agent after, so there is no pressure for the Pistons to re-sign him now, which would be a big risk considering his recent play and injury history.

If Grimes plays well next season, great, the Pistons will be in the driver's seat to retain him, but if he doesn't they can let him walk in free agency. Extending Grimes this summer would be foolish.

Cade Cunningham
Prediction: Max extension similar to LaMelo Ball's

Cunningham is the big issue here, as the former #1 pick will be looking for a max extension, which the Pistons are likely to give him. It's interesting to compare him to Ball, who had similar numbers in his third season, as both have struggled with injuries. You also have to wonder if the Hornets have a slight amount of buyer's remorse after giving Ball the full max, as he has only played 58 games over the last two seasons and finished this one on the injured list again.

His extension hasn't even kicked in yet and the Hornets are still terrible, something the Detroit Pistons will consider when coming up with a number for Cade. Cunningham is going to get a massive raise, but the Pistons may try to offer slightly less than the full max.

The two players have each averaged around 46 games played per season in their career, which doesn't inspire confidence, but the Pistons as the worst team in the league don't have a ton of leverage here. They could point to Cade's injury history and lack of team success as a reason to lowball him, while Cunningham could just point to the door and walk out.

Given that the team has little direction without Cade, I do think he'll get very near the full max and the team is just going to have to hope that it works out.