Deep dive into the most popular draft prospects for the Pistons

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4. Dalton Knecht - University of Tennessee

Strengths: 3PT Shooting & Versatility Weaknesses: Defensive Impact & Age

Similar to Reed Sheppard, Dalton Knecht was one of the few players who took college basketball by storm this past season, but for Knecht it was as an elite scoring threat.

The 6-foot-6 213lb former JUCO product finished top-10 in the NCAA for scoring, averaging 21.7 points per game and adding on 4.9 rebounds and 1.8 assists to go along with that to help lead Tennessee to the elite eight. One of the biggest standouts for the strong explosive wing is his ability to shoot the ball. On 45.8 percent from the field and 39.7 percent from three.

The 23 year-old was impressive in all facets of shooting, going 42.3 percent on catch-and-shoot three's but also has the ability to create his own shot. Knecht is great at movement shooting, being able to find weak spots on the defense and get to his spot when necessary, whether it was trying to get open for a pass or creating space on a baseline out-of-bounds play. Even off of screens Knecht shot 36.8 percent, so it's safe to say there seems to be little limitations on his shooting. If needed, Knecht also has shown the quickness to get open for lobs and the strength to push into the paint.

Knecht is one of those all-around players that add instant impact to a team, but a lot of that comes from the offensive end and not so much on defense. Knecht isn't a bad defender, but it's the impact that raises questions. He is a low impact point of attack defender and not the quickest when on the ball. Ball handlers seemed to be able to change direction on Knecht rather easily, which can open up the scoring options tremendously. Knecht could also improve on closing out on defenders and using his size to his advantage to better limit ball handler options.

On top of this, Knecht's age may be the biggest cause for concern for teams looking to draft him so high. Being 23 years-old, many questions are raised on whether or not this performance is sustainable for years to come. For a team that's building for the future, a 23-year old is not as appealing as a 19 or 20 year-old. For Knecht, however, his play does not look to be slowing down anytime soon.