The Detroit Pistons draft big board has expanded

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Fred Vinson has his hands full trying to rebuild Ausar Thompson’s shot and get Jaden Ivey to be consistent from deep. That in itself would be a tremendous feat for Coach Fred and go a long way for the Detroit Pistons. But what could his hire mean for the upcoming NBA Draft? Does the addition of Fred Vinson change Detroit’s big board in any way? 

Fred Vinson opens up the Detroit Pistons' draft big board

Going into this offseason, Detroit needs shooting and defense. There, unfortunately, are only a few guys within the draft that could satisfy both, but the only game changers will likely be gone by fifth overall. Zaccharie Risacher is said to be one of the best shooters and has the length to be a game changer on defense, but is slated to go top three.

The frontrunner to replace Monty Williams. The frontrunner to replace Monty Williams. dark. Related Story

The hire of Fred Vinson allows Detroit to identify someone who may not be tabbed as an elite shooter, with the expectation that Vinson can improve their skills. So who would fit that bill? 

Cody Williams

Cody Williams suddenly becomes more attractive for Detroit at five. The 6-foot-8 wing has shown that he can act as a point forward with his correct reads, reactions, and pick and roll abilities. Additionally, his 7-foot-1 wingspan allows him to be disruptive on defense. Even though he had good three point numbers, he only took 41 threes all of last season so Vinson would need to untap his shooting abilities. 

His brother, Jalen Williams, has shown that developing a consistent three point shot is possible, so Vinson may be able to do the same for Cody.

Matas Buzelis

Matas Buzelis has been mocked to Detroit more than any other player so the Fred Vinson hire might not make that any more likely, but it definitely could lessen the concern that some have with Buzelis. Matas is the archetype that all teams are looking for, a 6-foot-10 wing that moves well and has floor spacing ability. Luckily for him and for Detroit, that’s Fred Vinson’s bread and butter. 

Matas shot the three ball extremely well in high school, to the likes of over 40 percent, but extremely poorly last year for the Ignite. A year of Vinson’s coaching could get Matas back to his elite floor spacing tendencies, giving Detroit a foundational piece that all NBA teams are looking for.  

Stephon Castle

The last and most intriguing option that may gain some traction now is Stephon castle. Castle may be the best overall player in this class. His athletic ability, defensive skills and drive are top tier in this draft. Kevin O’Connor for the Ringer describes Stephon as a “jumbo-sized guard who can do it all and could have superstar upside if his jumper improves.”

That’s where Coach Vinson comes in. Castle may not do one thing perfectly, but he is above average at almost everything outside of shooting, and Vinson may be able to put that final piece together and unlock an all-star.