Detroit Pistons final month stock watch: 3 rising, 2 plummeting fast

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
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If the Detroit Pistons franchise were an actual stock market, this season would look like the Great Depression.

There have been some positive developments, but it's tough to look at an 11-53 record in the middle of March and feel anything but disappointment, especially given the moderate hope we had entering the season.

We have just a month left in the regular season, 18 games for the Pistons to try and salvage something positive from this mess.

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As we enter the final month, they have several players who are doing just that, while others are falling faster than Enron's stock in 2001.

Detroit Pistons final month stock watch

Rising: James Wiseman

If Wiseman were a stock I'd be cautiously bullish on his future, as we haven't seen enough consistent growth to make a big bet on him.

Over his last 10 games, Wiseman is averaging 7.2 points, six rebounds and 1.1 assists in 16-18 minutes per game and has blocked five shots. He's shooting 67.4 percent in that time, mostly because he's stopped trying to do anything but dunk.

Most of his improvements won't show up in the box score, as they are things like setting better screens and not looking woefully confused in the pick-and-roll.

We shouldn't blow this out of proportion, especially when it comes to giving Wiseman an extension this summer, but it's important to recognize that this guy has been working hard and is getting some results.

We should also remember that he hasn't played much basketball, as he only played three games in college and has played just 129 games in four seasons, barely more than Jalen Duren has played in two. So even for a 22-year-old, he's inexperienced.

That being said, if the Pistons offer him a big guaranteed deal this summer, I'm going to lose some hair.

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