Pistons news: Competitive or not, Monty Williams' seat and limping to history

Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons
Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

The Detroit Pistons were blown out in back-to-back road games, one in which they were “competitive” and one in which they were not. 

Detroit was eviscerated by a Memphis team missing 12 players that had only one first round pick in the rotation and four guys on 10-day contracts. After the game, Monty Williams chastised his team’s lackluster effort. Detroit was shorthanded too, but at least had three of their regulars in the lineup, not that it mattered. 

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Last night was the Nets’ turn, as they cruised to a 10-point win after the Pistons blew a 19-point first-half lead. After the game, Monty Williams was happier with his team’s effort, saying, 

"We competed. Pistons coach Monty Williams said. If you compete, you give yourself a chance. I thought our guys competed."

“Competed” must be a subjective word, but competitive or not, the Pistons were still handed a double-digit loss. Will this late-season collapse mean anything to Monty Williams’ job security? 

I was surprised when a recent article by James Edwards III said that Williams’ seat might be hotter than Weaver’s, and Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports recently added to the speculation, saying there were rumors of a “shake up” in Detroit. 

Williams has six years remaining on his contract and has no reason to agree to a buyout unless he really doesn’t want to coach anymore. Tom Gores would have to absorb that money on top of paying for a replacement, but how much this will factor in his decision is unclear.  

What is clear is that Monty’s team, as injured as they are, is getting thumped in the home stretch, and if you can’t get fringe NBA players who are supposed to be fighting for jobs to play hard, it may just be that the culture of losing around Detroit has sucked the life out of everyone. Someone has to be held accountable and you have to wonder if it is going to be Monty Williams. 

Detroit Pistons limping towards history 

The Pistons were missing seven players against the Nets, a common theme at the end of the last four seasons, as Detroit has finished with far different starting lineups than the ones they started with. 

The Pistons would have to win three of their final four games to even tie the worst record in franchise history. If they lose them all and finish with just 13 wins that should be a wakeup call to everyone that changes have to be made.