Pistons news: Inching towards history and Cade Cunningham's 2 statements

Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons
Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

The Detroit Pistons lost a tight one to the Memphis Grizzlies last night, pushing their record to 13-62, the worst in the NBA.

The Pistons are one step closer to making team history, as they are still three wins away from tying the worst franchise record with just seven games to go, six of which are on the road.

Whether Detroit gets there or not, it's fair to call this the most miserable season in team history, as the Pistons suffered through a 28-game losing streak in a campaign in which they were supposed to be better.

The expectations were that this team would improve, not get worse, so there will have to be big discussions and eventual changes, possibly to the entire organization.

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But for now, their biggest concern should be Cade Cunningham, their only star player, who has made unspoken statements over the last three games.

Cade Cunningham's unspoken statement to the Detroit Pistons

Pay me

Cunningham has averaged 33.7 points, 5.7 assists and 4.3 rebounds in his last three games and did it with a bit of edge. This was after there was speculation that the team would shut him down for the season to protect his knee.

Cunningham wasn't having any of that and instead has had three of his most aggressive games of the season as he heads into the offseason when he will be eligible for a max extension of which he will want every penny to stay with this dysfunctional franchise. His recent play is showing the Pistons who has the leverage.

Cade is reminding the Pistons that despite their awful record, they do have one star and they are going to have to pay to keep him around, especially considering he's been doing this with a shorthanded team and not much help.

Which brings us to our next point...

Help me

Both Cade Cunningham and Jaren Jackson Jr. must have looked around at the huddle before the game and wondered who some of these guys were.

Cunningham started alongside Tosan Evbuomwan, Troy Brown Jr., Jalen Duren (who had to leave early) and Jaden Ivey, with his entire bench (except for James Wiseman) comprised of guys who weren't on the team when the season started.

Watching Cade Cunningham play with (at best) two real NBA players is a stark reminder of how far the Pistons are from being competitive. Cunningham doesn't just need a little help, he needs a secondary star, several good role players and an almost completely new bench, otherwise, it will never matter how good he is individually.

Cunningham hasn't said a word, but his game, and the state of the roster around him scream of a guy who is going to get a max deal but needs some help or it won't matter.