Detroit Pistons still a mystery as trade deadline nears

Detroit Pistons v Denver Nuggets
Detroit Pistons v Denver Nuggets / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The Detroit Pistons are the most depressing team in the NBA, so there is not much left to do but look to a brighter future.

The NBA trade deadline is now less than a month away and the Pistons' intentions are still a mystery, so that future is still cloudy at best.

It's gotten even worse now that Cade Cunningham is out for at least the next week, and the Pistons don't have much time to figure out how his injury is going to affect their plans.

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At 3-34, this season is a catastrophe and the Detroit Pistons have big questions hanging over them as the trade deadline approaches and they get their first chance to make some real change.

Will the Detroit Pistons be buyers or sellers?

According to recent reports, the Pistons are trying to be buyers at the trade deadline, which may be delusional given their lack of assets.

It's possible they can flip Bojan Bogdanovic and/or Alec Burks for something, but it's hard to imagine a trade package that is going to help the Pistons now.

The Pistons continue to claim they aren't going to trade Bogdanovic for some reason but it will be hard for them to do anything of consequence without him being involved.

Will the Pistons just stand pat, ride out this season of misery and shed their seven expiring contracts? Or will we see the Pistons try to scrape together a deal to land an impact player?

Big splash or dumpster dive for the Detroit Pistons

If the Pistons wanted to include one of Jaden Ivey, Ausar Thompson or Jalen Duren in a trade, they might be able to piece together a package for an impact player, but with so few available, it's hard to envision who that player might be.

It's more likely Detroit will make some additions around the fringes, maybe take a risk on a buy-low player (Troy Weaver's specialty) or a young project forward.

The wild card here is Troy Weaver, who must be feeling some amount of pressure to turn this team around quickly, but who doesn't want to make a catastrophic trade out of desperation.

This all adds up to a big mystery heading into the trade deadline. The Pistons are trying to be coy as usual, so we could see a seismic shift in the next 30 days or nothing at all and neither would be surprising.