Grade the trade: Pistons take another salary dump in proposed deal

Memphis Grizzlies v Detroit Pistons
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Grading proposed trade between Detroit Pistons and Dallas Mavericks 

It’s hard to give this a grade on its own, as we’d have to know what else the Pistons had planned, but if another salary dump is the centerpiece of their offseason, it’s safe to say fans will not be happy. 

Especially considering the Pistons would be paying to take on this contract instead of collecting assets, essentially taking on another team’s unwanted player and paying to do it. The good news is that THJ only has one year left on his deal, so it wouldn’t cost Detroit any long-term flexibility. 

This is not the big splash the Pistons need and it’s questionable whether they should be taking on any players who can’t get off the bench in the playoffs, which is my issue (among others) with Buddy Hield. The Pistons are far from a playoff team, but shouldn’t they set their sights a little higher? 

I’d rather the Pistons pursue Derrick Jones Jr an athletic two-way wing who is not as good a shooter as THJ but is younger, more athletic and a far better defender. 

Taking on Hardaway Jr for free wouldn’t be the worst move, but on its own, it is not exciting and won’t do much for the Pistons next season. If it were part of a flurry of moves that forced THJ to the bench as a 7th or 8th guy, then fine, but if you’re telling me he’s going to be a starter next season, there are better ways to spend $16 million. 

Grade: C+