Mock trade the Detroit Pistons should run away from

Detroit Pistons Introduce First NBA Draft First Overall Pick Cade Cunningham
Detroit Pistons Introduce First NBA Draft First Overall Pick Cade Cunningham / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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Detroit Pistons trade with the Chicago Bulls

It's Blake Griffin all over again, though this time the Pistons would at least be in a better position to absorb the financial end of it.

But LaVine is the same age as Griffin was, has the same troubling injury history (he's injured now) and isn't nearly as good as Griffin.

LaVine is also owed three more years at over $45 million per season and is showing signs of decline already. His efficiency has been about the same as Cade Cunningham's, so the Pistons would be taking on another guy who needs 20 shots to get 22 points.

Jaden Ivey is shooting better than LaVine from the field on half as many attempts and you could easily argue that if his shots doubled, his point total would as well. The Pistons would essentially be giving up a younger, cheaper version of LaVine which would be insanity for a franchise in their position.

Even if you could guarantee LaVine's health, which you can't, he's an inefficient chucker who doesn't defend and has never won anything. How exactly is that going to help this awful culture? I suppose you could say he'd fit right, so the transition would be seamless.

You don't trade away talented players because your coach has a beef with them for some reason. How about having a word with the coach who keeps one of his best players on the bench and plays him fewer minutes than Isaiah freaking Livers?

This trade smells of desperation because it's about as desperate as it gets. LaVine may buy the Pistons a few more wins but at what cost? He's getting paid like a franchise player for a playoff team even though he's not and his team isn't.

I'd far rather the Pistons pursue Alex Caruso, a high motor, All-Defensive player who can shoot, which far better fits the description of what the Pistnos need.

How about instead, the Pistons give Jaden Ivey a chance WITH Cade Cunningham, you know, the backcourt we were told was "the future?"

If Troy Weaver is thinking of making a trade like this there needs to be an intervention, as the Pistons can't allow their desperation to make things worse.