Recent history of the 5th pick should give Pistons fans hope

2023 NBA Draft
2023 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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With the 2024 NBA Draft quickly approaching, the Detroit Pistons have a big decision on what to do with their fifth overall pick.

If newly appointed president of basketball operations Trajan Langdon and co decide to keep the pick, they are going to have to figure out which direction they want to go in a draft full of unknowns.

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The fifth overall pick is not necessarily "pretty" to a team that has just gone through one of the worst seasons in franchise history, but there has been some big names that were selected at the pick in the last decade that may bring a sense of hope.

Ausar Thompson/ 2023 /Detroit Pistons

Being the most recent pick of the bunch, the outlook for Ausar Thompson is too early to tell. The 21-year old forward has shown great defensive upside, with potential to be a future All-Defensive team member.

However, the offense is the most questionable trait for Thompson. Luckily for him and the team, he finally can get past the first-year jitters that may have brought difficulties to his game. Injuries were no help also, as Thompson battled with a blood clot that sidelined him for the latter end of his rookie season.

The 6-foot-7wing has shown that he can be a key rotational piece for a team that is looking to compete in the future, with enticing off-ball averages such as 1.1 steals per game along with 6.4 rebounds per game, which look great alongside primary ball handler Cade Cunningham. On the scoring end, Thompson struggled this season, shooting only 19 percent from three and only 8.8 points per game. As a role player, Thompson should be just fine once the offense gets going.