Recent history of the 5th pick should give Pistons fans hope

2023 NBA Draft
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Isaac Okoro/ 2020 /Cleveland Cavaliers

Out of all of the fifth overall picks since 2017, it is looking to be more and more true that Cavaliers guard Isaac Okoro has not lived up to his draft position. Okoro's game has mostly consisted of good defense, but the offense has been nothing short of disappointing.

Averaging only 8.5 points per game in his career alongside 1.7 assists per game and 2.9 rebounds per game, Okoro is not a threat on that side of the floor. However, he did have arguably his best season of his career, improving his shooting to 39 percent from three and solidifying his role as a defensive-minded guard.

Although having his best season, that "best" is still underwhelming for a hopeful three-and-D guard that was selected in the top five. This disappointment showed prominently in the playoffs this year, as his offense was little to no help for the Cavs, shooting only 29 percebt from three and 35 percent from the field with a -31 overall +/- in their playoff run this year. Moving forward, the former All-Rookie second team member may be best suited on another team.