Recent history of the 5th pick should give Pistons fans hope

2023 NBA Draft
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Darius Garland/ 2019 /Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have one of the best backcourts in the association and that is in large part thanks to Darius Garland. The 24-year old guard helped lead the Cavs to two playoff appearances and has earned one All-Star nod since entering the league in 2019, so it's safe to say that Cleveland hit on this pick.

He has shown that he can work well when next to a star player and can be a scorer when it is necessary, which is desirable in a cornerstone point guard. In total, Garland has averages of 18.4 points per game in his career, alongside 6.7 assists per game on around a 45 percent field goal percentage.

When paired with star teammate Donavan Mitchell, the two hold a net rating of +8.9, which ranks among the best of the best in the league. However, Garland is coming off one of the slower seasons of his career and his future in Cleveland is now up in the air following their second round playoff exit.

Having dropped in season averages in points, assists, shooting percentages, and games played since becoming an all-star in 2022, Garland may just be suited best in a new uniform, but still has shown that he can be a key contributing piece on a competing team. The former Vanderbilt guard is one of the key examples of hitting on a pick like the fifth.