3 Takeaways from the 2024 playoffs for the Detroit Pistons

2024 NBA Finals - Game Five
2024 NBA Finals - Game Five / Mike Lawrie/GettyImages
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The 2024 NBA playoffs are officially over, with the Celtics adding an 18th banner to their already stacked collection. Beyond just the Finals, the playoffs had some great and entertaining basketball, whether it was Jalen Brunson's domination or Anthony Edwards leading the Timberwolves to their second conference finals appearance in franchise history. The talent was evident throughout the postseason and there is a lot that can be taken from the successes and failures from the teams that made it. For a young, rebuilding team like the Detroit Pistons, there are three big takeaways from this year's playoffs that can lead them in a winning direction.

Playoff takeaways for the Detroit Pistons

1. Identity matters

It's cliché, but identity is one of the biggest non box score traits that a team can have. In this year's playoffs, one of the biggest and arguably most overlooked commonalities in winning teams was identity. The OKC Thunder showed that they are built around being the young, but hungry team in the league that is able to compete with the best, helping break the narrative against young teams.

The New York Knicks established themselves as the "Nova Knicks" built around the Villanova alumni trio of Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, and Donte Divincenzo, putting 3-and-D role players around their star guard, a blueprint the Pistons may be able to follow.

Most notably, the Minnesota Timberwolves are now known as a defensive-minded team that can lock down even the biggest names in the league. All this to say, once a team can find out who they are or what the biggest aspect of their game should be, success follows. It build's chemistry, establishes a consistent game flow, and makes an environment and vibe that grab the attention of fans and basketball followers alike.

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The Detroit Pistons have lacked this identity for years, and to no surprise, have had little to no success to show for since then. It's not to say there can't be one, however. We've seen it in the past with the "Bad Boy" Pistons winning back-to-back championships as the physical team that can shut down anybody who stands in their way with their defensive-minded attitude.

We've also seen it in the "Going to work" Pistons that were able to win a championship in 2004 highlighted by non big-name players but players that will represent the blue collared nature of the city and put in the work, (heavily on defense), to win games. Heck, look at the football team down the road that created a name for themselves as a gritty and hungry team full of underdogs. In sports, you need an identity to win and cultivate a true, exciting fanbase.

For the Pistons, the common theme seems to be defense. The three championships have been built off of tough, relentless defense that is able to shut down star players through physicality. As a young team that has yet to establish themselves as anything, maybe they should take a note on the past success in the franchise; embody the city, wear the tough uniform that those before you won wearing, and play your type of basketball.