6 Teams the Pistons are "well positioned" to take advantage of this summer

Detroit Pistons v Denver Nuggets
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#4: Miami Heat 

Possible players: Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson 

Herro is a name we are likely to hear in trade rumors this summer as Miami tries to improve without crossing into the second apron. As it stands, they would only be a luxury tax team over the first apron, but if they go star hunting this summer, someone is going to have to go. 

The question is whether the Pistons could get involved, as Herro would be the Heat’s best trade asset, and they may look to move him in a package for a star player. The Pistons could sneak in there as a third team to take on his salary, but in a straight up deal, it’s hard to see the 14-win Pistons having anything the win-how Heat would want. 

Robinson may be a more realistic target and one the Heat could have to dump for little but cap relief. He’s an elite shooter who added to his offensive bag this season, so suddenly the two years left on his deal don’t look so bad. If the Heat have to give away Robinson for cap relief, the Pistons should be interested.