5 Worst coaches in Pistons history: Where does Monty Williams rank?

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#2: Don Chaney (1993-95)

Former NBA champion as a player and coach of the year winner Don Chaney's first season as head coach for the Detroit PIstons was one of the worst in all of the team's history. Taking over after the team's first time missing the playoffs since 1983 under coach Ron Rothstein, Chaney managed to make the team worse, capturing the second worst record in franchise history (at the time) of 20-62

In his short tenure as the head coach, Chaney only managed a 48-116 (.293) record, with two of some of the worst regular season records for the franchise. Yes, he did have an aged "Bad Boys" team with players like Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer, but still those are players that are more than capable of contributing to winning basketball, giving Chaney no excuse. With good options like a rookie Grant Hill, Allan Houston, Terry Mills, and Sean Elliott, to say the manager underperformed would be an enormous understatement. He was one of the main contributors to the team's fall-off, and is easily one of the bottom-three coaches in Pistons history.