5 Worst coaches in Pistons history: Where does Monty Williams rank?

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#1: Monty Williams (2023-24)

For the first time in his tenure as head coach of the Pistons, Monty Williams is finally coming in first. Sadly for him, first is the worst in this case, as in one season Williams managed to secure the worst season in franchise history. It would be easy to call this recency bias, but when looking at the absolute wreck of a season that this past year was, there is arguably nothing good that can be pointed out other than his departure.

Not only securing a franchise-worst record of 14-68 (0.171), Monty helped pioneer the way towards an NBA record of most consecutive single-season losses, with the team losing 28-straight games this season.

Out of the very few who actively tuned in to watch the Pistons play this season, it was undeniable that Williams looked like he had no desire to be there. In the early season, there was clear tension between the former coach of the year and sophomore Jaden Ivey, resulting in Ivey's benching after an All-Rookie team season and starting players like Kilian Hayes and Isaiah Livers over him. Hayes is out of the league and Livers couldn't get off the bench for the Wizards.

Throughout the season there has also been visible frustration between Williams and franchise cornerstone Cade Cunningham, and putting these two examples together, it seemed he had lost the locker room all season. Even going back to his introductory press conference last summer, Williams hinted at money being the driving factor in his arrival, with seemingly little interest in success as the primary goal. He was made the highest paid head coach in NBA history at the time, and one year later, owner Tom Gores is paying the remaining millions left in Monty's contract without ever seeing him coach the team again, leaving the team with no identity and a lack of direction.