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Iverson to start in All-Star Game


The Pistons finally have their superstar. At least in the minds of NBA fans.

Allen Iverson will start in the All-Star Game. The two-time MVP of the contest had the fewest votes for an Eastern Conference starter. Amar’e Stoudemire is the only Western Conference starter to receive fewer votes than Iverson.

The feeling with this selection is a little different because Iverson has been with Detroit for just 37 games, but he’s the first Piston to start in the All-Star Game since Ben Wallace in 2004.

  • Here’s a bit of trivia via the Elias Sports Bureau. “Iverson is the 12th player to be named an All-Star for at least three different NBA teams, but he’s only the third player to do so over a span of four seasons.” Who were the others? Answer after the jump.

” The others were Bailey Howell (Pistons, Bullets and Celtics) and Moses Malone (76ers, Bullets and Hawks).”