Why aren’t the Detroit Pistons selling Tracy McGrady jerseys?


From Piston.com’s Keith Langlois’ mailbag:

"Scott (Sterling Heights, Mich.): Where can I find Tracy McGrady’s jersey for sale?Langlois: There are currently no Pistons McGrady jerseys, Scott, and no plans to order any. It would be unusual for a team to stock jerseys of players who come to a team on a one-year contract. If McGrady finishes the season strong here and then re-signs a multiyear deal over the summer, I would expect McGrady jerseys to be stocked at Locker Room stores next season."

This makes no sense to me. It looks like the Pistons are wasting a big opportunity to make money.

I understand they shouldn’t bother stocking jerseys for most players on one-year contracts. But Tracy McGrady isn’t most players.

Can anyone explain this one?